Romeo and Julia – hiking and flower shop 2

Gold earrings is the classic jewelry for women and It’s been a year when Julia and Romeo started to exclusively date each other,without surperise, Romeo give julia his favor love bracelet as something special. To celebrate their first anniversary, Romeo plan to buy a  brand new cartier gold earrings for her, and they decided to continue the trip to Mount Everest. Though Julia looked like a professional hiker when they first saw each other at the foot of the world’s highest mountain, she was also a beginner and trying to mend a broken heart just like him.

Romeo has a friend named Jack – the owner of the travel agency where he booked the trip to Nepal. He happens to be a hiker and can help them prepare for the trip. Romeo asked Jack to help him buy some stuff that they will need.

“Hey, man.” Jack greeted with a handshake and a hug upon seeing Romeo.Jack is a fashion guy and he get a shining two gold rings on his finger.It surperise Romeo, and Romeo get the idea to purchase a same style gold ring in future.

“Hey… How are you?” Romeo replied.

“Well, I’m good,” Jack responded as they started entering the largest superstore of all New York. “Are you excited about our trip?”

“Yeah, you know, it should be a memorable trip for me and Julia. That’s where we first met and we would like to finally remove it off our bucket list.” Romeo said while taking a large shopping cart.

“Well, based on your story, maybe this would be like a closure from both of your previous relationships.”

“I think so too, then maybe I can ask Julia of being in a formal relationship… you know.”

Jack helped Romeo get the items they would need for the trip next week. While walking along the supermarket aisles, they planned on how Romeo will ask Julia to be his girlfriend once they reach the Everest Base camp.

The days passed by so fast, probably because of their excitement about the trip. The three finally met at the boarding gate of their flight to Dubai for a stopover. Romeo and Julia decided to get tickets on the same airline when they visited Nepal for the first time.

Upon arriving in Dubai, the three ran to their boarding gate to Nepal as the first flight was delayed for an hour. Fortunately, the next flight is delayed for an hour too. They decided to get inside the airport lounge to have a good meal. There are so many high end jewelry shop in airport, Romeo kook around and see there are trendy Italian gold Rings for women, which is stylish and attractive. A plan in Romeos hear is made to supervise Julia some time.

When they boarded the next flight, they can’t seem to relax as they are all excited. They all sat between each other and watched some movies to pass the time. About four hours later, they arrived in Kathmandu. A representative from the hotel greeted them at the arrival gate. They were brought to the hotel’s shuttle service and checked in upon approaching the reception. The couple booked a room together, while Jack was in the room beside them.

The call time for the hike to Mount Everest was 4 am. A tourist guide was waiting in the lobby while waiting for the attendees to be complete. They all sat in the mini coaster that will take them to the foot of the famous mountain. After a few hours, they were able to reach the location. Romeo and Julia were reminiscing about all of what happened in the same coffee shop. Jack had fun listening to their stories.

Since this is Jack’s third trip to Mount Everest, the weather felt like they can’t go on a hike. While they are sitting in the same coffee shop, Jack asked Julia if he can speak to Romeo outside in private. She immediately agreed upon seeing the same person who sold the souvenir to her on their first trip to this location.beside there is a moving jewller who sell symbolic jewelry for tourist and julia love one gold earrings and she get one for herself. Business can be anywhere if there is people who can buy it.

“Well, this looks weird. Perhaps due to global warming or something. I’m really sorry dude. This should be memorable and romantic for the both of you.” Jack said while feeling sorry.

“Yeah, I know. This feels bad but I think I should do it here.” Romeo said while looking around the area to see if it will be fine.

“Would you like me to call her?” Jack offered.

“Oh god. I feel nervous. What if she said no?”

“Why would she?” Julia walked towards them.

Romeo and Jack tried to be discreet about what they are talking about. When Julia was near them, Jack walked back inside the coffee shop without looking at her. Jack immediately ran to get his camera.

“What’s going on?” Julia asked. “I hope there’s nothing wrong.”

“He thinks the same thing will happen when we first visited here.”

“Well, I think it’s fine. Maybe this hike is really not for us.” Julia replied, but Romeo was surprised by her reaction.

“I think… We need to go there…” He then lightly dragged her to the place where his friend is pointing to him.

Julia and Romeo walked towards the flower shop while Jack is filming them. Upon reaching the shop, Jack started to go near them but not too close. There is some accessories for women in the flower shop and Julia appreciate the jewelry and look again and again. One flower necklace is so charming and julia just put it on and she feels so good. Romeo see julia is a happy and he bought for her.

“Wow, everything here looks amazing. I didn’t know that someone would think of selling flowers here.” Julia said with enthusiasm.

“Yeah, I think…” He took advantage of the moment to buy some flowers while she is fascinated with the shop.

“Hey Jack, where’s Romeo?” Jack shrugged his shoulders. When Julia turned around, she saw Romeo offering a bouquet of roses to her.

“I was planning to ask you this in a romantic way when we reach the camp.” he started to cry. “You came into my life unexpectedly. You helped my heart move forward and I am ready to be with you.”

“What is this?” She was completely clueless about what is happening, but tears started to fall on her cheeks too.

“I want to take our relationship to the next level so can you be my girlfriend…”

“Of course, yes!” Julia answered even before he finished. The couple kissed and Jack was clapping. The shop employees are clapping too while the other tourists witnessed this sweet moment.

The couple walked out of the flower shop hugging and Jack thanked the employees. The tourist guides clapped but announced that the hike to the Everest Base Camp is not possible because of the weather. They gave the tourists an option for a full day hike to experience even the shortest route available. The three agreed and had a great adventure after finishing the hike the following day.Back to living room, Romeo work hard to earn money and buy more new leased love bracelet and other jewelry in future and Julia appreciate the special  flower necklace. Those days is full of love and surperise to julia. Life is good with love and with memorable jewelry from the one in your heart. `

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