Romeo and Julia – Indian restaurant and movie time talk 3

The love bracelet from Romeo always reminds julia that she is so special to Romeo. Romeo working hard at this moment and want to buy designer gold rings for her and also some symbolic gold earrings, the jewelry given to julia means gift, but what matter is romeo can step into julias heart. Julia decided to move in with his boyfriend Romeos house after two years of being in a relationship. She arrived at exactly 7 am at Romeo’s apartment in Bensonhurst, New York. She has been here for quite some time, and they have decided to save some money by sharing living expenses. They are very excited to live together, but it feels like there is a lot of things to do. Romeo started unpacking some of Julia’s stuff, while she started to sort her clothes from the large suitcase.

She was having doubts about whether to give herself some space on his furniture and fixtures. Then she realized that they both wanted this, so it must be okay for Romeo to get herself settled and started to feel more like home. She started to hang her clothes in his cabinet, place her toiletries in his bathroom storage and asked Romeo where to put some of her other furniture.

Five hours have passed and it’s lunchtime. Romeo asked Julia what she wanted to eat. He was surprised when she replied “anything new,” knowing that she is very picky when it comes to food. Since preparing food on their own will take time, he checked nearby restaurants near their apartment using his phone. He found an Indian restaurant that they both didn’t try yet.

Being all sweaty, they decided for each to take a bath first. Julia kept on unpacking her stuff while Romeo is taking a bath. She immediately took a bath right after Romeo went out of the bathroom door. After having a shower, Julia found Romeo sleeping on the couch. He woke him up and apologized that it took her half an hour. She felt like all the dirt from her old apartment stuck to her.

Going out of the apartment, Romeo asked what she felt now that they will be living together. She said that she was very excited and hoping that he is too. But deep inside, Romeo felt very nervous thinking of what will happen when they start to be with each other every day. He was more worried that she might find him boring to live with and leave him for good. Romeo tried to shove away the idea from his head as it can affect his mood.

He opened the door of the Indian Restaurant for Julia, and they were immediately greeted by two Indian waiters. They asked for the menu and when the waiter handed it to them, they both asked what are the best sellers. Julia ordered the Indian Butter Chicken and roti for her, while Romeo took Chicken 65 paired with a cup of Basmati Rice. For drinks, they decided to get a Chai or more popularly known as the Indian version of black tea.

The food tasted good, that Romeo did not expect that she would finish the meal being a picky eater. They even shared each other’s food so they can have a taste of what they ordered. Romeo volunteered to pay for the food, to pay the meal is something easy, what more important is to buy a gold ring for julia as courtship gift in future and buy more symbolic gold necklace to anchor their love and future. A man can do anything to secure the true love and luxury jewelry piece heart necklace made by  cartier and tiffany is a good choice `

“That was unexpectedly good,” Julia said upon leaving the restaurant’s door.

“Can we go to a movie theater?” Romeo suggested.

“What should we watch? I am not sure if there’s a movie showing now that would catch my interest.” Julia started to get her phone and check for the current movies showing in theaters now.

“Did you find any? That Scarlett Johanson movie seems great,” he said while checking on his phone too.

“I think we better go home first.”


“My phone died.”

As they are walking back from their house, they started to talk about their favorite movies, actors, and actresses. Romeo admitted that in the past, he is fond of romantic love stories and classified himself as a hopeless romantic. Julia was laughing about hearing his choice of movies, being a big-built gym buff guy. He sounded prouder that he even watched some Korean and Thai rom-com movies. It made Julia laugh even louder and said that she never saw that side of him. Romeo admitted that he missed watching them as he is more fond of watching anime movies in the past few years.

“That movie is from a Japanese manga!” Julia concluded.

“Yes… It… is…” He replied in a funny tone.

“Oh, there’s still a lot to fix. Maybe we can pass on the movie night?” She suggested.

“Or maybe we can pass on this…” He said while looking around at the mess inside their house.

“Then what should we watch?”

“Maybe that Scarlett Johanson movie?” Romeo said while smiling at her.

“What do you think about a compromise?”

“Oh, okay sure.” It sounded like a great idea.

Romeo opened his laptop and tried to find some movies that would interest her. He browsed different movie theaters and she found nothing worthwhile to watch. Since she doesn’t want to spoil his enthusiasm to watch a movie, Julia agreed to watch ScarJo’s movie. He immediately booked a ticket online to their favorite movie theater in New York.

It was already dark when they prepared themselves to go out again to watch a movie. When they arrived in the movie theater after riding a taxi, the time was just enough to buy some snacks and they presented their online tickets at the entrance. Ads were already showing on the screen when they sat on their respective seat. They finished their snacks in just about 30 minutes from the time they settled in. They were not talking to each other that much, as they both find the movie to be very interesting and futuristic.

“That was a great movie!” Julia said with enthusiasm as they walked out of the building.

“We can binge-watch even those series together!” Romeo suggested.

“I’ll pass on the series, but the movie is really great! Is there a part two?” She asked.

“There is and I think it’s from 2004.”

“Have you seen it? If not, find a place or source where we can watch it. I’m curious what happened after that…” Julia said enthusiastically.

“Look who’s liking these movies now…” He said to Julia and they both laughed. So the love bracelet and symbolic gold rings go with the love of this couple toward tomorrow. Let jewelry carry the meaning and love together!

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