Romeo and Juliet Love Story 01

Romeo and Juliet Love Story 01

Whats the modern version of Romeo and Juliet, here is the latest version of Romeo and Juliet=Romeo and Julia.

After checking his love bracelet which is his favor jewelry, Romeo woke up from the sound of the alarm he set on his mobile phone. He expects to wake up before the alarm, but at least he was able to get out of bed on time. While turning off the alarm, he checked the notifications on his phone but found nothing. It feels weird but also felt good since most of the notifications he receives are work-related.

love bracelet
love bracelet

Finally, he took a week-long vacation from work, trying to escape the stressful office environment. He plans to spend the first day of vacation on finishing a personal project – the fantasy novel. He took a shower then wore a casual outfit. He took his laptop bag with him and will finally face his computer doing his passion for writing, by dong the job romeo gain money to buy choice jewelry like gold rings  and stylish mans gold necklace for himself. As a young man, he love jewelry from big name like Cartier and Tiffany, he know how to appreciate the design and collect some master piece when he can aford. His gift to Mom is so loved by her mom just because it is a personalized gift by a famous jewller. 

He walked out of his apartment in Benson Hurst, New York, and went towards a nearby Starbucks Coffee shop. There were 2 people in the queue, though most of the seats are empty. He wanted to secure his seat in front of the store’s window, facing the pedestrian lane.

Since he already what to drink to get, he took a peek at the pastry stand. Then, she noticed the keychain from the backpack of the lady in front of her. He immediately lifted his laptop bag to get a better look at his keychain. It was a metal keychain with the engraving of the GPS coordinates of Mount Everest from his trip to Nepal last year. While the lady in front of her is starting to give out her order to the barista, he was done comparing them – the keychains are identical.

gold earrings

When he finished ordering, he decided to wait for his coffee near the bar instead of taking a seat. When the barista called the name “Julia,” he was itching to approach the lady and know where she got it from. Upon looking at her face, Romeo recognized the owner of the backpack. She was with him on the tourist bus to Mount Everest.

Instead of sitting on the high tables by the window, he approached Julia.

“Hi, I’m Romeo.” introducing himself. The lady had her eyes wide open upon seeing him.

“Oh my god, what a small world!” Julia looked so surprised.

“I guess you remembered me..” Romeo said.

“Of course,” Julia motioned his hand to offer the seat in front of her, “from Nepal!”

“Do you live near here?” Romeo asked, then he found that the question could be a bit personal.

“No, I need to see a friend. I live in Long Island, but I decided to have a coffee here before I go to her apartment.” Julia felt a pang of excitement about the coincidence.

“It’s great you recognized me though we never really had the chance to talk when we first met.”

Then suddenly, Julia’s phone rang. She said excused herself to take the call. Romeo was staring at the keychain on her bag across the table and suddenly believed in coincidences.

“Hey Romeo, I am really sorry,” she took her backpack with her coffee, “I need to go. Maybe we can catch up later tonight?”

“Are you up for a movie? I would be at the ADC movie theater later around 7 pm.

“Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll see you later then. I really need to go.” Julia rushed out of the coffee shop.

He picked up his coffee and moved to his preferred seat. Instead of opening his laptop, he was looking at the people walking down the street. Romeo began reminiscing about his trip to Nepal.

It was almost a year ago when her ex-girlfriend Maria left him for another man. Romeo had a hard time coping up because of the breakup until one of his friends who own a travel agency suggested having a trip to Nepal. He decided to go in the hopes to get over Maria.

Arriving at the foot of Mount Everest, it was very cold at that time and the wind was blowing like it was carrying some thin ice pieces, julias has to take down her beautiful love bracelet and gold earrings  which made by queen julia and secure it in the bag. She realize sometime jewelry is not fitting, safety is much more importat. The tourist guides asked the tourists to stay inside a nearby coffee shop to get warm, while they are trying to talk to the government security. Romeo was sitting near the cafe entrance, while the others sat nearby the electric warmer. A very tall girl, almost the same height as him and wearing a red parka jacket, approached Romeo.

“Hi, I’m Julia. I think we boarded the same plane yesterday.” Romeo looked up at her.

Fascinated by her beauty, he just replied “Take a seat.”

“So… did you took an Emirates flight yesterday?” Julia asked while smiling.

“Oh, yeah… About that… Yes. Did I introduced myself already?” he replied while shifted his attention to the floor so he would not see her beautiful face.

“I don’t think so…”

love bracelet for couple
love bracelet for couple

“I’m Romeo…” Unfortunately, the guides called their attention. The tourists went closer to hear what they are saying.

Hiking was not allowed due to the possibility of a snowstorm. Everyone was asked to go back to their respective buses. Romeo saw Julia board the other bus from another travel agency. Someone who is selling souvenirs hopped on the bus, and Romeo bought a keychain with the GPS coordinates of Mount Everest, sure Romeo need to secure his love bracelet in bagtogether with gold ring which is moms birthday gift fot him..

Going back to the present time, Romeo arrived 30 minutes earlier at the ADC movie theater. While he was waiting, a lot of things went to his mind – like why he didn’t ask for her number right away this morning, should he introduced himself earlier, did she just asked to meet again tonight just to make him feel good, and most importantly, will she show up tonight? He was worried that Julia might think it was too fast to go with a stranger to a movie theater.

Wearing a red plaid button-down shirt earlier, Romeo was searching passersby with the same set of clothes. A lady in a black dress stepped beside him which he found too close, and saw that it was Julia. He was not able to recognize her if not for her charming blue eyes, on her is a beautiful heart necklace and gold earrings, the fine jewelry shine on her and julia is humbly become so beautiful,  with sapphire stone.

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